Personal Injury

Insurance companies are experienced in handling personal injury claims. However, their goal is to protect their interests and the interests of their insured. When you, or a loved one, is injured due to the negligence of another, the personal injury lawyers at The Martin Law Firm, LLC are here to help. As one of the premier personal injury law firms in the Southeast, at The Martin Law Firm, LLC we have the experience necessary to help victims in Alabama and Florida successfully pursue their personal injury claims.

Personal injury claims can take many forms. They may be the result of automobile, motorcycle, or truck accidents, or a slip-and-fall or other injury on someone else’s property. Regardless of the circumstances of your injury, The Martin Law Firm, LLC is here to help you take the next step in determining your possible claims and finding solutions.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents cause serious injuries or death every single day in Alabama and Florida. From minor cuts or bruises in a fender bender, to paralyzing or a permanently disabling injuries in a head-on collision, injuries from automobile accidents can be very different. When automobile accidents lead to serious injuries or death, the victims usually suffer physically, emotionally, and of course financially.

The extent of the injuries that may be sustained in an automobile accident will vary depending on several factors, including the type of accident and the speed of the vehicles involved. At The Martin Law Firm, LLC, we specialize in representing all types of victims, including those with serious or catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding is generally seen as an inherently dangerous method of transportation. Without the protection a 3,000 pound steel frame, motorcyclists are undeniably exposed to injury on the road. Though helmets and protective gear often decrease the impact and exposure, the risk of serious or life-threatening injury from a motorcycle accident is usually higher than in any other type of accident.

Because of the lack of safety features found in passenger vehicles, such as seatbelts and airbags, motorcyclists usually suffer more extensive injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, extensive cuts and bruises (often called “road rash”), burns, and even death. Catastrophic injuries can result in permanent disability, as well as, considerable medical expenses. Understandably, these types of injuries can have a huge impact on the lives of the victims, as well as their families.

Truck Accidents

Another one of the most devastating types of automobile accidents are those involving 18-wheeler trucks. The injuries resulting from these types of accidents are almost certainly catastrophic. A loaded commercial 18-wheeler truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds, whereas the average passenger automobile weighs only around 3,000 pounds. Due to the sheer size, any collision between a commercial truck and an automobile is likely to result in serious, even fatal, injuries. Small passenger cars are usually left mangled, crushed or thrown off the road. If the truck is carrying hazardous chemicals or flammable materials, the injuries will likely be even more severe.

The most common theory of liability in a truck accident case is negligence. In order to establish negligence, you need to show that the truck driver had a duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, but failed to do so. If it can be shown that the truck driver’s negligence caused your injuries, you may be able to recover. The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Martin Law Firm, LLC are prepared to review your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Premises Liability

Property owners have specific legal obligations to the public, including the duty to maintain their property, as well as the buildings situated on their property, in a safe condition for visitors or customers. When a property owner fails to do so, personal injuries can result. Slip and fall or tripping accidents continue to be the most common causes of personal injury across the United States. These accidents are governed by an area of law known as “premises liability.”

In many cases, a slip, trip, or fall accident is caused by a wet, slippery, or uneven surface. When the surface that caused the fall was not kept reasonably clean or safe, the property owner can be held liable for negligent maintenance of that area. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, it is important to determine who the property owner is and discuss your possible claims with a personal injury attorney.

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